My name is Miryam. I am a certified One Brain Consultant, I treat through kinesiology, essential oils, Raindrop Technique (for back pain, cleaning and strengthening the body,) PDN and Flowers of Bach. I also have got a BA in psychology and an M.A. in CBT psychotherapy ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.)
Even as a child, I yearned to help people and dreamed of becoming a doctor or a psychologist. From the age of 13, I was an instructor in groups and summer camps for children. At 15, I learned first aid, and since then I have treated every each injured person in my vicinity.
Eleven years ago when I discovered the world of alternative medicine, I found the ideal treatment - the integration of mind and body. Since then, I have not stopped learning and expanding my knowledge in this exciting field.
As a teacher of special education, working with children that suffered from both behavioral and learning disabilities, I realized that many shortcomings actually stem from the emotional issues, and treating the root of the problem can bring the patient great releaf. I have already been successfully treating women, young ladies and children individually for eight years.
During the treatment, I use my experience and a wide selection of tools to help the patient make a change in their life and achieve their goal – success and good health.
I treat a wide variety of problems, such as trauma, anxiety, stress, emotional and social dysfunctions, lack of confidence, allergies, pain and diseases.
I have a great deal of experience in treating young girls with social problems, poor self-esteem, test anxiety (including tests of driving tests), difficulties in making decisions, etc.
Children: In addition to the above-mentioned areas, I have taken care of many children with learning and behavioral problems, enuresis, tics, and more.
My treatment is an agreeable experience, focused and short-term (because of working deeply on the unconscious.) My goal is to increase awareness of the need to balance body and mind to achieve good health, to enhance the patients' quality of life and to give them the tools to succeed in their indeavors ! I'd love to be a good messenger of the Almighty to help you achieve the health and happiness that you have inside of you!​


For more information and an appointment,       contact:   Miryam: 054-7249894